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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 17, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the country's largest vet groups. he was talking about the new york times linking vets with white supremacists and hate groups. follow me on twitter at megyn kelly. let me know what you think. they are already lining up. i'm megyn kelly and i'll see you tomorrow night at 9:00. >> this is a fox news alert, the most powerful democrat in congress has now officially stepped way over the line when it comes to his rhetoric about cliven bundy. i'm in for sean. according to the las vegas review general, harry reid called supporters of the bundy family domestic terrorists. rancher cliven bundy is on the phone. this is just breaking this afternoon. tell us when you hear senator harry reid call you a domestic terrorist, what do you have to say to the senator? >> i guess he's right.
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we're definitely citizens riled up. the most loving people and we're meeting here together and they are definitely upset about this government that pulls their gun on us and, you know, they are -- i don't know. i just can't see how he gets that type of description out of these people. >> so cliven, when they actually backed off a couple days ago, it seemed like things calmed down. do you think senator harry reid is inciting more people to come back and support you? >> i don't know. sure he would be. anytime he calls us a riot, domestic riot, i'm thinking there is just going to be more people coming. they are not going to stand for that, either. >> are people still showing up? are new people showing up?
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>> we, we just had a press conference here and we started out with 32 people. before everybody got through, i talked to a lot of people and, you know, there are a lot of people showing their concern and their love and their prayers and yes, it just seemed to get bigger and bigger. >> now when these people heard senator harry reid called you a domestic terrorist, did you talk to the people standing locked arm in arm with you? >> you know, i don't think anybody knows about that, at least this is the first time i heard about it, nobody mentioned it so far. >> what do you think the reaction will be when those people hear they are domestic terrorists? >> probably a little bit like i am. i guess we are rioting, whether we are domestic rioters, i don't know. i'll tell you, there is unhappy people here and we are rioting against the federal government. those people carrying guns and pointing them at us. i don't think we'll put up with that in america. >> so what is next?
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what is it going to take for the people that are backing you or with you to feel that this conflict is over to disburse? >> well, you know, their demand was take these guns away from these and i think they will hold to that. you know, a lot of people can't understand what they are talking about here but you realize you watch the films and movies which you people have seen, i haven't even seen and those people are retreated, the blm armed forces retreated, they took their guns,
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vehicles and they moved across the freeways and got on i-15 and went north, and you know, that's the last time. why didn't those county and city sheriffs arrest these people? they have been abusing american people, abused my private property, abused my cattle, range, and hundreds of citizens by pointing the guns and yet, nobody says nothing. we haven't heard no media, nothing about the county sheriff questioning their -- they are a convoy of at least 100 vehicles going up north on i-15. we never heard nothing. why did they go? this is the question people are wanting to know. where did these guns go? >> right, right. >> so let me just draw a little line here. if some person robbed a convenience store and he went into mesquite, mesquite, nevada, the police would pick him up as fast as they could. if he went into arizona, went across the boards into utah, they could chase that guy down, no matter if they had to chase him here to new york. but here was 200 armed with heavy weapons and 100 cars and
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they disappeared like they went into a tunnel and it was okay. >> right, right. hey, mr. bundy, we're going to have to leave it there. we have senator rand paul on standby right now. we're going to go to him in a second. thank you to rancher cliven bundy. from the great state of kentucky senator rand paul. thank you for joining us. hats up for the first 2016 potential candidate to weigh in on the bundy ranch. when you hear senator harry reid, say, call the bundy family ver side you're on whatsoever, is there any reason to call americans domestic terrorists? >> no, i think what we should
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all be calling for is for calmer heads to prevail. i don't want to see violence on either side. there is a legitimate constitutional question here about whether the state should be in charge of endangered species or whether the federal government should be, but i don't think calling people names is going to calm this down. i think it's liable to stir it up. so i think all parties including senator reid should calm the rhetoric and have a peaceful solution. the endangered species act is abused across america. they have a lake in kentucky they won't put any more water in because they are worried about a fish. i keep asking, don't fish like water? there is a bat in the state where you have to pay the federal government to use your own land to cut down your timber, you have to pay them $2,000 an acre if they find a bat on your land. so it really is government overreach, government gone amuck with this endangered species act and here is the real question we have to ask the federal government. they say that mr. bundy owes some back fees. if he pays his fees, will they let him graze his 900 head of cattle?
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the way i understand it, no matter what he pays they won't let him graze his cattle anymore. so we have to balance the needs of a turtle and the man and needs and rights of property owners, and i think this is a real debate and shouldn't be about violence and arms and the government shouldn't be there with arms and provoke a showdown. >> isn't that what the stage is being set for and maybe because of what senator reid just said, he not only called the bundy family domestic terrorists, everybody on their side is domestic terrorists. doesn't that sound like he's setting it up for military action, bringing feds in there? >> i don't know what will happen. from my perspective, i have a legal conclusion. i have a bill, and i believe the senator of nevada is a sponsor. this would give states more control over the land and more control over the endangered species act. i would like to see the governor of nevada and state legislature of nevada be in charge of trying to help preserve species and
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also aware of cattle and ranchers' needs. nobody there knows about ranching or grazing of cattle or the history. we need to take this out of the hands of washington but let's have a rational debate without violence on either side, but i have a bill that would actually fix this problem. it's been in the hopper for over a year. we should ask senator reid if he'll let me have a vote. >> we wanted to get on some other top picks but let's stay on this. remember that little fish where they diverted the water from northern california around where that great growing area in central california, and really kind of jacked up prices for everything from bread to produce and whatnot? all over this delta smelt, this 2-inch fish. is government overreaching and
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getting out of control? >> absolutely. i can give you ten different examples just in kentucky. we tried to build a sewage plant in a small town in kentucky because when it rains the sewage was slowing into the river and nobody wants that. we tried to build a bigger sewage plant and we said it couldn't because it might affect the mussel population. we had to spend months and months to count the mussels and they let us. the epa and fish and wildlife get involved every time you try to do something and think about it, everybody wants a sewage plant to be adequate so raw sewage doesn't go in the river but the epa and crazy environment has us counting mussels and we build a sewage plant and we're wasting time and money on something that i don't believe is endangered.
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>> president obama took a victory lap on the obamacare numbers. he said somewhere around 8 million people that enrolled in obamacare. he is confident in that number. are you? >> about 5 million people got their policies cancelled, so quite a few people he's bragging about made them get rid of cheaper insurance and buy more expensive insurance. the other big question we'll have in the next few months, let's say you have subsidized health insurance. that's great. what if your deductible is $6,000? if you can't afford insurance, do you think you'll be able to pay for a $6,000 deductible? this is riddled with errors and destined for failure. >> he said many enrolling are the young people, invincibles, and i think the white house corrected him afterwards to somewhere around 24 or 25%. which number are you going with?
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>> i don't know the exact number but we'll find out in the fall if you don't have a lot of young, healthy people signed up. the premiums are going to go through the roof. my prediction is come fall, you know, the president is trying to delay that until after the election, but i think come fall, we'll find out that all of our insurance rates are going to go up dramatically and thank president obama for that. not only will you be able to keep your doctor, but cheaper health insurance. you'll have much more expensive health insurance than anybody has had in the past. >> thank you for spending time on "hannity "tonight, thank you. >> just in time for easter, clemson's football team is under attack. why? because they allegedly promote christianity too much and later. >> as i looked at president obama at our convention last friday, what all he took he's been able to rise politically again. i'm not comparing him to jesus, but i'm saying to every crucifixion there is a resurrection. >> al sharpton is at it again. we'll play his outrageous remarks, a quick programming note, tune in tomorrow night at 10:00 for a special "hannity," "the power of faith" tomorrow at 10:00 p.m.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." as christians prepare to celebrate easter this weekend, religious intolerance continues to persist and the latest victim is the clemson football program. the group freedom from religion foundation in a letter complaining to the university wrote christian worship seems interwoven into clemson's program and we're concerned this co-mingling of athletics results not from student initiative but attitudes and unconstitutional behaviors of the coaching staff. joining me is kirston powers and nick fish. mr. fish, they don't think god
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should be in the pledge of allegiance and football players can't have religion either. >> this isn't about football players having or not having god. this is about a coach that during recruitment visits said i'm a christian and if you don't like that you need to go somewhere else. he also said my first job is to pray. that's not religious intolerance to say that this man is not behaving appropriately and that there is a constitutional problem here when a taxpayer funded position, which his job is, is using his time to promote one religion over another and religion in general over non-religion. >> can i stop you? you said his time. >> sure. >> kirston, isn't it his time and he should be able to support and promote religion on his own time? >> he should be able to support religion on his own time and promote it on his own time. it doesn't sound like he's doing it on his own time. i'm a christian and i take my faith seriously but i don't
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think that behavior is appropriate. i don't think he should tell people if you're not a christian, you can't play here. that's not his place to say that. it's not even, a, a christian university. it's a public university. i think he would be crossing the line there if he's doing that. >> mr. fish, every baseball, football team in the country has a chaplain. are you saying that's wrong, too? >> baseball teams and football teams throughout the country that are private groups, they can do whatever they want with their money. do we think or do i think a group is more inclusive when they say to everyone, hey, you're all welcomed here, you don't need to -- >> just answer the question -- do me a favor and just answer the question. >> i am answering the question. if you let me finish. [ overlapping speakers ] >> if it's a public college -- >> no -- >> should they -- >> i don't think you should have a chaplain on the football team. absolutely not. you should make your football team a welcoming place for people of all faiths including
10:17 pm
none and when you have daily devotionals and people handing out bibles, that's an atmosphere that's intolerant. you want to talk about religious discrimination? you're not going to play on the football team if you don't come to the prayers -- >> you're bringing that statement somewhere else. kirston, what about a chaplain on the football team? is that impinging on non-christians rights? >> you know, i'm sympathetic to the view that it could be, it could make people who aren't, you know, christians uncomfortable. i understand that it is sort of, you know, part of our history and culture that this position existed but i also think i'm not unsympathetic to the fact it is an endorsement ofli religion an in a public university, they're not supposed to be doing that. christians have opportunities all day long, all week long to promote their faith. i don't know why we have to have these positions that are either
10:18 pm
government positions or, you know, official positions promoting it. it doesn't really seem necessary. i don't consider that persecution. >> you guys aren't allowed to agree on that one. we'll move onto the next story. in stanton, ohio there was crosses placed on municipal property. mr. fish, you say don't put crosses on a municipal property. why is that? >> that's right. when you put crosses on a municipal facility, you're endorsing a religion, endorsing a particular religion and that's unconstitutional. if they want to put these crosses up there, they have to allow everybody to put symbols up there. i don't want my courthouse, state house to become a monument. >> you can't represent every single religion on the globe. >> you can't so what you have to have -- >> you're representing 80% of the religion, people in the country, maybe you want to do it. your thoughts?
10:19 pm
>> eric, i'm surprised that you seem so upset. come on, it's a municipal building. it's a government building. why do they need to put crosses up? they are not a church. if people want to have that, put it on their lawn, if they want to put it on their own business they own if they are a christian, they are totally welcome to do that. >> those people were elected by most likely the majority of the people -- >> wait a second. [ overlapping speakers ] >> the majority of people, the majority of people -- >> i got to go to the last one. al sharpton comparing president obama to jesus. do we have that tape? >> the story of jesus on the no matter what they humiliated him with, no matter how they mocked him, he took it because he knew he could rise. as i looked at president obama at convention last friday, with all he's took he's been able to rise politically again. i'm not comparing him to jesus but i am saying that to every crucifixion, there is a resurrection for those that believe. >> kirston, reverend al says i'm
10:20 pm
not comparing him to jesus but. >> i kind of am. i mean, that's just crazy. really, it's disrespectful to the holiday. i know he's a christian but i think it's a disrespectful thing to say. >> mr. fish, you don't like this one, either, i guess. >> well, i don't care what al sharpton has to say about the resurrection. i think if he wants to say hey, if you're down and out, don't worry, you can come back from this, maybe frame that in a way that doesn't have to do with brutal torture and crucifixion. >> i think the moral of this block is atheists don't like to have very much fun at all. >> we have tons of fun. >> been let off the hook for rape because of his star status at florida state. "the new york times" article is questioning that. kimberly will be here to weigh in and later, todd starnes says he was censored by a liberal mob on facebook for a post about cliven bundy. he'll be here to explain that
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welcome back to "hannity" the "new york times" article is accusing florida state university of fraud in the jameis winston's rape case. police did not follow obvious leads after a female student accused winston of a sexual assault. it read an examination by the new york times found there was virtually no investigation at all, either by the police or the university. florida state university responded to the article questioning its fairness and saying most of the universities' responses were left out of the story. jameis winston went on to win the heisman trophy and led florida state to the national
10:24 pm
championship. was he let off the hook because of the star status at the school? to answer it, my fellow co-host of the five, kimberly. thanks for joining us and hanging out. florida state does the investigation, right? they hand over the investigation to the state of florida. they both look into it. jameis winston is cleared. right? >> and wins the trophy. >> and wins the trophy here. and the new york times says that wasn't a good investigation. >> sure, yeah, really an interesting case study for us to look at as journalist and the media and as a former prosecutor, what went wrong here? he afforded different status or special treatment by virtue of his super star status with the university? what we do know is the detective initially handling the case waited almost two months and
10:25 pm
suspended inquiry without letting the accuser know and videotape evidence in fact was lost during the interim. that's, of course, going to hurt the case is what prosecutors say. defense attorneys do. but in this case you have it being like that from the beginning by the investigators -- >> why, though? >> why is it? kind of excuses can they come up with for a case like this that is very important, especially when you deal with vulnerable victims of sexually violent acts that was alleged to have occurred in this instance. of course, he's gone on to great things, but the question should be asked, was he given the treatment? why were the delays in the case? that's why now people are still
10:26 pm
talking about it. >> so how does this work? you have florida state doing the investigation. >> right. >> does the state simultaneously do the investigation and aren't they sharing notes at all? >> you'll be surprised. they will conduct their independent investigation and you're supposed to respect the boundaries. let them do their thing like you see investigations with a number of different agencies involved, fbi, cia involved. who has jurisdiction? who gets the first bite at the apple and people committed, alleged to have committed multiple crimes across state lines. it will go to one state to the next state. are you hurting the case because you waited so long to get to the facts and evidence and get witness statements and preserve the evidence? >> we all know student athletes get special treatment -- >> that is part of this. >> let's go to the next one, mh 370 and malaysian airlines flight that nobody has found wreckage. a lot of lawsuits, families are going to bring lawsuits for wrongful death, right? >> yes. >> without any wreckage or proof can they win a case? where is the case? >> people love u.s. courts. there are a number of law firms saying this is a big case, a tremendous amount of wind fall in terms of monetary damages. let me tell you something, the case isn't ripe yet. where is the plane?
10:27 pm
there is no evidence to say boeing is liable or culpable from any problem or failure on the part of equipment. we don't know what caused the plane to go down. we actually don't know where the plane is, so how can a judge in good conscience take this into a court and provide family members money damages when we don't know the full circumstances? >> so if it was faulty equipment, boeing would be on the hook likely. >> yeah, faulty equipment or -- but then you have to look was there failure to maintain proper records or maintenance. there could be splitting on the liability there on behalf of air carrier. >> but they definitely have to find wreckage. it could be pilot error, equipment. >> how can you prove it? with this much time passing, the black box, battery being dead, there is a lot of problems and we don't know when if ever the plane will be recovered. how can you say, eric? we may get computer files of the pilot, co-pilot.
10:28 pm
find out what is going on. they are certainly looking at those as we speak but other than that you want the forensics and pieces and parts of the planes to reconstruct what happened. >> isn't there -- this sounds cold but a per wrongful death that the airline is responsible for no matter what? >> yeah, you're talking about the monetary recovery based on the individual that they can cap it. what's the proper form? where should the lawsuits take place? not in the u.s. there is slim to none that the u.s. courts should bear the liability and having a case in a situation like i think it has to be in malaysia.
10:29 pm
let's go to kathleen sebelius. earlier today president obama took a victory lap, he said 8 million enrolies. >> he's a track star. take a lap. more than jameis winston. kathleen sebelius, it's said she may run for senate in the state of kansas. >> failure is the new success. whatever you're the worst at, maybe someone will hire you and give you a job. she's done well in the past. the most recent history isn't favorable in her regard and i think the red state democrats will be concerned because if she has her name on the ballot, it's big problems for them. >> can you imagine? >> like a billboard of obamacare. she is the poster girl, like it or not. >> can you imagine she spends, and let's remind everyone here, she didn't write the law. she didn't write the obamacare law. all she was in charge with was to implement it. she spent $700 million on that. maybe they got a couple new enrollees. that's a reason to run for
10:30 pm
senate. >> so questionable, isn't it, eric? the math. producing the numbers and suspicious, in terms of how they came up with the numbers. are they valid numbers, people dropped and got back into the game. i know this is nothing she should be patting herself on the back from. she needs to take a step back and perhaps take computer courses how to run an online website. >> can you imagine you can fail as miserably and win a senate seat? >> sounds like the u.s. government. they want to get more of our money. >> i don't buy the 8 million new enrolling. >> i don't get it. you're into math and stats, and making things add up. this must be a new kind of math they are teaching in school these days because it doesn't seem to be warranted in this case. >> kg, what's the best show on tv? >> the five. >> hannity. >> trick question. >> today starns censored by a mob on facebook. he claims he was and all because of a post he wrote about the
10:31 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." my next guest says he was censored on facebook for posting a comment about cliven bundy and his cows. he said rancher bundy should have told the feds those were mexican cows that came illegally akroz the -- across the border to seek better grazing opportunities. we removed the post below because it doesn't follow the facebook community standards. joining me is the author of "godless america." fox news radio host todd sterns. i'll talk about senator harry reid's comments in a moment, todd. you post this comments snarky, facebook didn't like it. >> eric, god love them, liberals don't have a sense of humor.
10:37 pm
very disappointed in the liberals and their recent attack on facebook. not the first time they have come after me for something i wrote on facebook. a lot of people think it's facebook removing conservative posts but they say the liberals have figured out and coincidentally all the people getting banned from facebook are somehow conservatives. >> who is that, todd? they report you? is that what happens? >> yeah, i've been a bad boy in the facebook community. a couple of months ago, i was slapped and taken off of facebook because i had written about paula deen, god, cracker barrel and sandwiches and the
10:38 pm
facebook community took offense to that. this is nothing new. the liberals are targeting groups like chicks on the right, a popular conservative website and facebook seems to be hepless in solving the problem. >> so it seems to be if there are number of reports they pull the post down and pull you off. let's talk about the senate majority leader harry reid calling cliven bundy and supporters domestic terrorists. thoughts? >> that makes me a baptist infidel. calling law-abiding citizens terrorists for protesting is beyond the pale. what does he call them blm folks out there on that property tries co -- to confiscate an
10:39 pm
american ranchers' cows? >> so what is really at play here? senator reid, that situation seemed to calm down and dissipate. what is going on? >> i read reports about land dealings. there is something there for the senate majority leader to come out and specifically target this american rancher. again, what about the cattle wrestlers, the ones who stole his cows? another issue i would like for somebody to explore, how much are we charging cows these days to eat american grass? seems a little over priced to me. there have to be thousands of different lawsuits of people maybe using a little bit of someone else's property across the way over there. are they domestic terrorists, too? >> that's a great question, eric. the heart of this, the reason this story resonated across the country is americans are sick and tired of their federal government intervening in our lives from obamacare to the irs to the tsa and what they are doing to us at the airports. americans are fed up and want to send a message to the government they are not going to let them trample on the u.s. constitution. >> let's talk about where
10:40 pm
senator reid is doing this. from the senate floor, he stood on the senate floor a couple times and called the coke brothers anti--american. they create jobs and pay a lot of taxes and do a lot of donations and whatnot. these people aren't american, the people out in nevada are terrorists. what is happening? >> they also give, the coke brothers also give to democrats, as well. look, harry reid has a big problem on his hands where he can go after americans with a that and at the same time, benghazi, where was he? >> should he check his comments? he is the senate majority leader. >> we have freedom of speech but when you're a government leader of that stature, you should be a little bit more careful with your words, but harry reid was very clear in the las vegas
10:41 pm
review. he said let me be clear, they're domestic terrorists. >> i think he offended a lot of people if you're republican, democrat or agree with the bundys or not, a shot that really didn't -- >> shameful. >> shameful cheap shot. leave it right there. coming up, my next guest will leave you speechless as the details of his shocking stories of assassination plots that presidents have faced throughout the years. some of these stories you have never heard before. that's next. what does everything mean to you?
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back to "hannity." names of assassinations like lee harvey oswald are known throughout the world but my next guest highlights some of the lesser known plots to assassinate the most powerful people in the world, the presidents of the united states. joining me now is author of "hunting the president, threats plots and assassination attempts." i picked up this book. fascinating. sir, take us through the lesser known plots against some of the recent presidents. >> one of the most fascinating stories i uncovered was the
10:47 pm
story about ronald gene who stalked president clinton when clinton used to take his jogs around the white house or the area around the white house. he stalked him for about a week. was going to shoot him, but for some reason, one reason or another, he changed his mind. >> and a lot of these times, a lot of these -- first of all, how do you uncover these plots? >> well, you know, the secret service is not disposed to sharing the secrets with the general public, so i had to do my research by the means. i did contact the secret service, but, you know, i got the usual reply that they don't reveal these stories. but the stories are there, and congressional reports, fbi files, court records because of
10:48 pm
course, america is an open society and you can't hide court cases, newspaper archives, as well. >> right. >> and, you know, there is so much stuff out there, journalists obviously don't have time to wade through the thousands of pages that are involved which is why these are relatively unknown stories. >> right, let's talk about a couple of the other ones. i believe i read one where there was a cigarette lighter plot. can you tell us about that one? >> well, that's the big lighter plot. that involves the small group of individuals in texas who formed an organization called the republic of texas movement. their idea was to kill not only clinton but other government officials by using a cactus thorn inside a bic lighter and
10:49 pm
anthrax and botulism would be put on it and clinton would be injected with it. kind of -- kind of a hypodermic needle assassination. it's a weird, bizarre plot. >> how that was -- >> how was that, sorry? >> how did they make sure that didn't go down? who busted the bic cigarette lighter plot? >> well, it was a police informant. >> i read ronald reagan had a couple plots. he was shot, remember, he was shot on the street but there were other plots against ronald reagan, as well, right? >> yes, there was. the week after reagan was shot, the secret service were very alarmed that there were a lot of copycat threats out there. in fact, they rose to about 150% in the week or two after the attempted assassination and throughout regan's presidency,
10:50 pm
he was subject to many, many threats and plots, which all were foiled. even after reagan left office, one fellow tried to, well, got inside regan's home in california and tried -- and wanted to strangle the president but of course, he was subdued by secret service agents. >> we'll leave it there, sir. thank you very much for joining us tonight. coming up next, sean's interview with one of the winners of america's got talent comedian. stay with us. latte or au lait?
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10:56 pm
impressionist. we sat down with him. take a look. >> he is the man, terry fator. the best show in vegas. the number one grossing in vegas for how long? >> coming up on five years. >> i saw you in concert in vegas. it was the best show i had ever been to. how are you doing? >> am i welcome here? >> yeah, you're welcome here. >> i'm a conservative rich turtle. i thought i wasn't welcome. >> you're not welcome in new york, but you're welcome on the set. >> i didn't know if i should hide or something. >> are you a singer? >> no, he doesn't sing well. >> he sings better. that's your opinion. >> i learned how to sing garth brooks just for you. >> how did you learn that?
10:57 pm
>> i said sean really does like garth brooks. >> do you want me to do some? >> sure. ♪ ♪ last one to know last one to show i was the last one you thought you'd see there ♪ . >> winston, shake my hand. >> that was my foot. >> oh. >> it's okay. i've got four of them. >> garth was out in vegas for a while. has he seen the show? >> no, but his kids have. garth's two kids were in the audience. they go to this school. >> has elton john or anybody you
10:58 pm
know? >> they haven't seen the show, but they told me about it. i went to see elton's show and went to meet him. he told me everyone was buzzing in vegas about the show. he said he was going to come see me one day. i hope he does because i'm a big fan of elton. >> you starred on america's got talent. then your show is number one on the strip. >> it's absolutely unbelievable. the people who go to vegas are people from the heartland. and they can see my show is genuine. one of the things that people love is the fact we do so much for the military. all the money i make from my merchandise sales goes to help the military. >> every penny you make from this goes right to the charity? >> absolutely. all the money i make off the cd
10:59 pm
goes to the military as well. >> where did your passion for the military come from? >> when i was young, i was about 10 or 11, and one of my friend's fathers was tortured in vietnam. i saw him weep when he came home because of how he was treated. me and his son were so confused. i was going to make sure people never forgot what our military does for us. >> he's my hired hand. >> is that true? are you going to keep him on the act? you're doing a whole new act in vegas, right? >> absolutely. i'm going to hollywood. >> the new act, winston goes hollywood. >> a whole new act. >> a whole new act. it's terry fator, live in concert. all the money goes to the military. >> thank you so much, sean.
11:00 pm
>> and thanks for singing garth for me. >> absolutely. and that's all the time we have left this evening. be sure to tune into tomorrow night for a special good friday edition of "hannity" the power of faith. thanks for being with us. escal. this showdown, well, it's not over. the majority leader taking a swing calling armed supporters of rancher cliven bundy domestic terrorists. the militia members whose guns put their children in harm's way. bob cusack, the "washington post" eric blake and byron york. why is this senate majority leader getting into this fight? >> well, he is the senator from nevada. >> that's not a good reason. >> this is just really kind of outrageous. why don't reid reserve the use of the word terrorist for people who have knocked down the world trade center or blown up the boston marathon. this is


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